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Birthdate:Oct 24, 1990
Location:Florida, United States of America
I like to read and play video games. I'm a sophomore in college and I'm trying to graduate with my AA in history. I like making friends but be warned, I am as open minded as they come so even if you think you're liberal, you might be offended by the things that I have to say.

But I am a nice person and I like to talk to new people because it gives me a chance to learn things that I can use in my stories and poetry to add realism.

I like writing and I do it often. I have dozens of notebooks around the place that are filled with stories...I should try and type that stuff up soon. I'll write anything at least once but I'm a slash writer/reader at hearts so most of what I'm interested in has something to do with male x male sexings/relationships.

But yeah, I like people and I like feedback and conversations with interesting people. If you want to IM me, I'm on AIM most of the time


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a game of thrones, ai no kotodama, angela petrelli, anime, anita blake series, aoi, art, art trades, batman, batman: the dark knight, bbc, bdsm, bdsm slash, being extremely offensive, being slightly offensive, bondage, books, boy meets boy, boy's love, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, changelings, charlie/claire, chocolate, cillian murphy, cosplay, cross-dressing, crossover fanfiction, crossovers, cruzshadows, crying, crystal kay, csi, csi: miami, dancing where nobody can see, dean/bela, dean/impala, dir en grey, drawing on people, drinking expired soda, eating ants, eating bad foods, eating good food, edward cullen, elle bishop, fae, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, fighting, final fantasy, free art, friends, gackt, gakuhaieev, gazette, glorfindel, gregory house, hakuei, harry potter, hellboy 2, heroes, hiro nakamaura, history, house, house of night series, hyde, interview with the vampire, j-rock, jensen ackles, jpop, jrap, jrock, jrock fanfiction, jrock fics, jrock slash, jrock yaoi, katoey, koda kumi, labyrinth, ladyboys, law and order: special victims unit, legolas, liu fei long, lurking, m-flo, m/m, magic tricks, making friends, malice mizer, mana, marilyn manson, midnight's daughter, miyavi, miyavi fanfiction, mp3, msting, music, night at the museum 2, numb3rs, orlando bloom, parodies, phantom of the opera, poetry, porn, pretending to be a zombie/dinosaur/domin, queer as folk, right by me, roarke, rotation, run lola run, sam winchester, sam/ruby, scorpios, screaming obscenities, singing in public, singing on key, slash, slurping her soup, smallville, southern vampire mysteries, sparkles, spice girls, star wars, street fighter: legend of chun lee, supernatural, tea, team jacob, thailand, the devil's trill sonata, the gazette, the x-men, touch the dark, transporter 3, true blood, veronica mars, video games, vore, warning people about key deer, writer, writing, x-files, yaoi
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